Catalogue Raisonné

Edward Penfield (1866-1925)

Although primarily known as a poster artist, Edward Penfield was also a book, magazine and advertising illustrator. As a commercial artist, he took commissions for a wide variety of works from numerous clients. Thus, intended for publication many of his smaller works were released to clients and publishers untitled. In an effort to be as comprehensive as possible, this checklist is arranged by categories based on Penfield’s business clientele, not by artwork title.

Each work has been given an identifying number, more or less chronologically, as it would have been created. Illustrations in a series are assigned their own numbers (as each would have been worked on separately). These numbers are for identifying individual works and — because originals in many cases were undated — may not be chronllogically accurate.

Sources for dates and sizes of works are originals, posters, prints, books, magazines, ads, postcards, auction and exhibition catalogues, and collection checklists (see bibliography). Sizes may vary from those listed due to trimming and cropping of the various source works. Colors may also vary from those listed — on reprints and subsequent print runs for collectors, color combinations were sometimes altered by Penfield or the printer. Variations have been noted where possible.

Because this is a checklist of published works, the information (such as date, volume of publication, etc.) refers to the publication in which the work of art appeared. In cases where there is an original work of art extant, its information (date, size, medium, etc.) is given after the title.

Dimensions are given in width by height, and refer to final trim sizes of pieces or outer dimensions of books. In the case of posters, we have listed the largest known trim sizes. The following abbreviations are used in this checklist: abt (about), c. (circa), fa (first appearance), fp (facing page), pg (page), pp (pages), pl (plate), and opf (originally painted for).